Cultural itinerary for the week of February 2-8

How to talk with children about art? What does the contemporary art of Belarus look like? Wherefore we need intermuseum project in "Mystetskyi Arsenal"? Find the answers on this andother questions visiting the events from the new issue of "Cultural itinerary".


On Tuesday, February 3 at 19:00, educational organization "Cultural Project" is carry out a public lecture "Proved by Science or Evolution of Scientific Knowledge from Antiquity to Nowadays" by Doctor of Philosophy Iryna Malyshko. One of its aims is to destroy stereotypes about scientific perception. The address of the event: Kyiv, Pushkinska street, 31. Free entrance.



This very day at 19:00 in Dnipropetrovsk art center "Ya Gallery" the first personal exhibition of Oleg Gryschenko is occurre. The exhibition "Florescence. Greenhouse conditions" includes the artist'spaintings and installations, also a "petrikivskyi rozpys" (kind of national painting) of Hanna Shostak.Gryschenko belives that exploration of this art requires almost "greenhouse conditions", whichmake possible analysis and new various interpretations. The exhibition will last to March 3.



On February 3 - 28 at Scherbenko art centre will be carry out the "Resentiment" project, which aimis to analyze situation where a person appears in aggressive conditions. This project emerged as aresponse of curator Marina Scherbenko and her colleagues to events which happened in Ukraineduring this year. The participants of the exhibition: Catherine Ermolaeva, Larion Lozovyi, Daniil Galkin, Anatoliy Tverdy, Alina Maksymenko, Bohdan Tomashevskyi etc.The opening of the "Resentiment" - February 3 at 19:00.



The exposition "Lviv's walls" is taking place at the gallary of modern art "Tryptych ART" on Wednesday, February 4 at 18:00. The artist Oleksiy Malykh created his works by the impression ofwalls, churches, castles and ancient buildings of the "City of Leo". The project includes the worksthat were created in the period of 2014-2015. The last day of the exhibition is February 17.



On February 5 the presentation of Andriy Khir's art book "Superstitions" will take place at Kyiv artcentre "Ya Gallery". This edition includes works from the same exhibition project, which performspersonal interpretation of ethnographic materials of the Ukrainian researchers V.Gnatyuk,A.Onischuk and V.Shukhevich. Designer Oksana Khir also will attend the presentation. Thebeginning at 19:00. Free entrance.



This day at 19:00 at Kyiv bookstore "Ye" (Lysenka street, 3) will be carry out another literary event. A new book of Frangoise Barbe-Gall "How to talk with children about art?" will be presented. It waspublished in Ukraine by "the Old Lion Publishing House". The presentation will be attend bytranslator Sophia Riabchuk. Moderator is the founder of "Cultural Project" Natalia Gevago.



Also on February 5 in "Mystetskyi Arsenal" will be the opening of intermuseum project "Windows". Its aim is to perform modern interpretation of ancient customs and to define their influence on dayto-day life of new generation. There it is possible to attend exposition of the Ukrainian ethnicbuildings of XIX-XX centuries, to watch photos of the Ukrainian ethnic houses' windows by Petro Gonchar, to attend lectures and national art workshops for adults and children. "Windows" will lasttill the 1st of March.



On Friday February 6 at 19:00 an open discussion "Common language: cultural initiatives asmediators of confidence" is carry out in art space "Closer". During the meeting the representativesof cultural initiatives and institutions on basis of their experience will discuss forward-lookingdirections of cultural projects and their role in the process of reintegration of culture in the social lifeof the nation. The discussion will be realized in the context of the Centre of modern art (CSM) project "Culture. Tomorrow". It is the 3rd open event of the seminar of cultural critics and reports"Culture 3.0". For the participation, please fill the registration form.



Also, on February 6-8 in the Centre of Modern Art M17 (Kyiv, Horkogo street, 102-104) the exhibition "Reanimation" will be displayed. The exposition includes works of the students of the course "Conceptual photography with Roman Piatkovka" which was realized by PhotoCULT centre.The participants of the project lay down an aim to "reanimate" the art of the photography, failingstereotype that it is already "dead". The "Reanimation" opening starts at 19:00.



To finish this week "Cultural itinerary" we invite you to attend a lecture about modern Belarusian artwhich is direct by the artist Andriy Dureyko on February 7 at the foundation "IZOLYATSIA". Inproject "Now" the artist narrates about works of Belarusian artists on motherland and abroad.Lecture will be carry out the last day of the "Revision" exhibition. "Now" starts at 13:00.



Also we remind you that from February 7 every Saturday in the School of modern art the new enrollment on the program "Art Weekend" is started. For the participation you should fill the formon the official site of the school.