STOP THE WAR: Yuri Leiderman

Dear friends!


I appeal to you as an artist, participant of 1st Manifesta, European Biennale of contemporary art (1996, Rotterdam) and as native of Ukraine. It seems, the situation does not need extended explanation. My country experienced cynic impertinent military aggression from Putin's regime of Russia. Clearly St. Petersburg is marvelous city and Hermitage is one of the most famous museums around the world. Nevertheless there was initially mistaken decision to host Manifesta 10 (2014) in a country where freedom of art expression is repressed, where imperial chauvinism and obscurantism raised in state ideology. This day such decision looks shameful. I call you to support people of Ukraine in their hard struggle for independence and future. I appeal to international art community: BOYCOTT MANIFESTA 10 IN ST. PETERSBURG!

Yuri Leiderman, artist