Jeff Koons Made a Nude Sculpture of Lady Gaga for Her “ARTPOP” Album Cover

If you happen to follow Lady Gaga on Twitter you may already know that the Marina Abramovic acolyte has just dropped a big Jeff Koons-related ball — gazing ball, that is. Gaga has unveiled the cover art for her forthcoming album “ARTPOP,” which features an original Koons sculpture of the pop star herself in a compromising position with a blue gazing ball reminiscent of those featured in his recent David Zwirner show.

The sculpture depicts Gaga nude in the “Birth of Venus” guise she’s been adopting lately — most recently in her performance at the MTV VMAs. In case the reference wasn’t obvious enough,Botticelli’s painting is also included — albeit in fractured fashion — in the background.

Gaga also tweeted that the sculpture will be up for auction soon: “There is also a surprise! The center image of me is a new Jeff Koons sculpture to be exhibited nov.10 at the artRAVE ARTPOP’s release party!”

Along with the art, Gaga tweeted a lyric from her recent single “Applause”: “One second I’m a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me!” Gaga, of course, is not the first pop superstar to suddenly find herself Koonsed. The artist famously created a gold ceramic sculpture of Michael Jacksonand his monkey Bubbles in 1988.