Meet with the artist Noemi Goldberg

April 20 at 19:00 we invite you to meet with the artist Noemi Goldberg, who currently resides in Kiev and is preparing for the presentation of the May Svoge project.

Noémie Goldberg’work invites us to think differently our preconceived mental images on space and the subtle distortions of space itself brought about by these preconceptions.

Whether with the façade windows of the Centre Flagey, the building of the Lille Art Cente or then again with the floors, walls and windows of the Maison d’Art Actuel de Bruxelles, the Artist cuts, sticks and traces through the space she invests. She takes over the architectural elements : walls, windows, vitrine, ceiling and floors. Each of her ephemeral installation is site specific. She deliberately blurrs the terms that define space, sets up different circulation through it, suggests new relations within it, troubled, discontinued, spatialities.

Because the primary goal is to be open to different, unexpected spatial experience and to refuse any forethought notion of it, this work is by definition extremely flexible, adapting itself to external criterias i.e. the type of space (its finality, the context in which it exists, the duration of the installation)